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June 2014

Graceworks President's Message

Dear Friend of Graceworks,

It is that time of year again when we take time as a nation to reflect and give thanks. We all have lists of things we’re thankful for based on our own unique life circumstances. We at Graceworks wanted to let you know that we count you as one of our blessings.

For the past 10 years, Graceworks has been reaching out to orphans and vulnerable children in the rural community of Rwika in South Eastern Kenya, assisting with school fees and supplies, food, medical care and mentoring. Because of you, HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children and youth are indeed finding hope in Kenya, Africa.

This year, Graceworks saw two of its supported children become the very first orphans from the Rwika rural community in Kenya to graduate from University. Agnes and Adrian graduated from St. Paul’s University, Limuru, with Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and in Business Administration respectively. During the graduation ceremony, these amazing young people stated they were greatly humbled and thankful to the Graceworks Project in Rwika and to you, their friends in America, for seeing them through their university education. They also promised to “give back to the community and to mentor other Graceworks supported children to sail through to their level and beyond”. Even more exciting is that the two graduates have already found jobs and now have steady incomes to support themselves and their extended family members.

As we enter the holiday season, we can only offer you our sincerest “THANK YOU!” for your past support and trust that you will continue to help us bring hope and change lives, one child at a time. Blessings and happy holidays!

Graceworks Program Updates

This has been a memorable year for Graceworks. Here are some highlight moments.

In April, Graceworks Kenya celebrated their 10-year anniversary. The event was marked with a huge party there. In attendance were community leaders, government dignitaries and members of the local community and of course, the children, guardians and staff of Graceworks Kenya. Several people from the USA including Graceworks president Susan and board members Robin Lyall and Jay Bauman also attended the festivities in Kenya.

On September 14, Graceworks held its annual “A Little Bit of Africa” fundraiser and dinner celebration. The event this year was held at Astor Classics Event Center in the city of Anaheim. We thank everyone who came out and helped us to raise funds for our programs.

On October 10, a busload of Graceworks supported children, their caregivers and Graceworks staff traveled the 100 plus miles to Limuru to cheer for on Agnes and Adrian during their graduation. The guardians and children danced and shouted with joy as they witnessed this momentous event, much to the amusement of other attendees. We congratulate Agnes and Adrian, our trail blazing pair, for this commendable achievement.

Below is a description of our current and future activities and opportunities for you to become engaged.

Graceworks Kenya, Africa

Sponsor a Child: In Kenya, Graceworks averages 100 children annually enrolled in the program which is based in the rural community of Rwika. Enrolled children receive assistance with school fees and supplies, medical care and emotional support. There are currently 52 children on the waitlist for the program. It costs only $50 per month to sponsor a child.

Preschool: You can help provide access to early childhood Education for orphans and poor children from the rural community of Rwika. The cost is $300 per child per year. The children also get food and other basic necessities

Water borehole completion: Last year’s water borehole drilling was a success. The water is being used for drinking and for planting trees on the Graceworks land. To make usage of the water more effective, additional funds are needed to complete the project including purchasing of a high-capacity pump and a generator, and the building of a water tower and storage facilities. Estimated cost of project completion is $32,000.

Grace Community Education Center, Rwika: With the goal of eventual self-sustainability in mind, Graceworks hopes to soon help establish a vocational and life skills education center, a community college for the rural poor, at our 9-Acre plot of land in Rwika, Kenya. Proposed programs at the center will include medical and dental assistant training, basic computer classes, community health education and farming. Students will learn skills which will enable them to become employable or self-employed. Funds for construction of classrooms and other facilities are needed.

Go on a Vision Trip to Kenya: Come to Kenya with us and meet the kids we help. It will change your life—and theirs.

Graceworks USA

Graceworks continues to grow its local programs serving orphans and vulnerable children in Orange County California. Our current focus is on assisting children in Kinship Foster Care - those placed with relatives such as grandparents formally or informally. We provide linkages and resources for affected children and their caregivers in collaboration with other community based agencies and organizations to help this often underserved population.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to be involved in any of the projects above. Graceworks derives support from partnering with individuals, churches, corporations, civic groups, and with other charitable organizations. All gifts received are tax deductible as allowed by IRS regulations. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

To donate please send a check to: Graceworks, P.O. Box 1239, Anaheim, California, 92815. You can also give through the website To contact Graceworks by email send to:

Who we are:

Graceworks is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization based in Orange County, California. The mission of Graceworks is to help break the cycle of poverty and despair for orphans and vulnerable children by providing broad-based support and educational opportunities. Our goal is to promote self-sufficient individuals and sustainable communities.

The Problem

Every family faces a crisis of one kind or other during their lifetime. Fortunately, most families are able to weather the storm using available resources within themselves, their families or their communities. However, there are certain instances where the crisis leaves families devastated and unable to cope especially when it involves the death, absence or incapacity of a parent with young children. In such cases, the children are often the most vulnerable victims.

The Solution:

Graceworks has programs in Orange County California and in Kenya Africa that help children and families in crisis due to parental illness, death, incapacity or absence.


Why does Graceworks help HIV/AIDS Orphans and other vulnerable children in rural Kenya?

 The HIV/AIDS pandemic has destroyed millions of families around the globe leaving many children orphaned and in crisis. The majority of these are in Sub-Saharan Africa where over 14 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. In Kenya alone, there are an estimated 1.2 million HIV/AIDS orphans. The effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic coupled with poverty have particularly devastated children in rural communities as they are less likely to benefit from many assistance programs due to lack of accessibility. Rural families have therefore had to rely more heavily on extended family and kinship support. Unfortunately, the pandemic generates orphans so rapidly that those traditional safety-net structures are no longer able to cope. As a result, many affected children find themselves in desperate situations, usually with no one able to provide adequate care for them, leaving them with little chance for a hopeful future. Graceworks assists such children, giving them hope and changing their lives.