Currently in Nairobi, Kenya

About Us

Bringing hope, changing children's lives:
Making a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children,
one child at a time, community by community.

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To bring hope to orphans, vulnerable children and youth by providing broad based assistance and support including educational opportunities.


To break the cycle of poverty and despair and promote productive self-sufficient individuals and sustainable communities.

Value Statement:

We believe that all children are precious and that every child deserves to live in a community that nurtures them and helps them reach their full potential.


Kenya: Orphans and other vulnerable children in and around the rural community of Rwika in South Eastern Kenya will be provided with educational opportunities from preschool through secondary/vocational training/college. The children will also be provided with access to other basic needs including food, clean water, medical care and emotional support.

Orange County California:Children and families experiencing crisis caused by issues such as parental illness, death, disability, absence or incapacity will be assisted with access to community based resources and support.

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